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We are a website online store "only" with our Head Quarter's in Roanoke, Virginia.

If you need to contact us with any questions, click on the Contact Us tab and click the email form shown there, fill it out and submit it. We will reply within 2 to 3 business days. So, look out for our reply email.


Your Membership #

Everyone that orders from us have a membership number. The last 4 numbers of your social security number.


There is never a credit check and we never charge any Interest or Finance.


Ordering Scented Items & Supplies (Credit  & Debit Card).

Minimum Individual Order Amount $35.00

Click on the *Liability Waiver for Scented Items Orders* tab. Read and sign the Liability Waiver form and hit the submit button at the bottom of the form. This is required to order scented items from us be it a cash order or a line of credit order. No scented items order will be processed unless we receive that form.

To cash order, that's using your debit or credit card. Choose your items from the drop-down menu under the Scented Items tab and add the items to your shopping cart then check out to pay.


Our Product Line

Our Scented Oils, Soap Stone Oil Lamps, Incense Cones and Sticks, Scented Tealight Candles, Scented Resins Packs, Scented Soaps, Roll-On Perfume Oils, Perfume Solids and our Oopsie Poopsie bathroom odor eliminator are non-returnable and non-refundable. Our Electric Plug-in Oil Lamps come with a 30 day replacement guarantee from the date of your order. 


Want a *Line of Credit* To Order Our Scented Items?

If yes, follow the 3 steps below.

1. You will select the item(s) you want from the drop-down menu list shown under the Scented Items tab.

2. Write your selections down on a piece of paper, along with how many of that item you want. Be sure to include the items description name. Example: Black Coconut Roll-On Perfume oil.

3. Transfer your item choices to an email to us using the Contact Us tab by putting your written choices in the Comments Box, then submit it.

You will also then need to submit a *Financing Layaway Line of Credit Form* and a *Job Information Form*. Both are under the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* tab. 

1. Click on the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* tab, then click on the Email Form 3 tab and follow the instructions and submit it.

There are three (3) sections on the Email Form 3 that are not marked as being required, but are depending on what you are wanting to do.

2. Click on the *Job Information* tab, fill it out and submit it. We will verify your job information before approving your request. No individual order can exceed $250.00

3. After you are done submitting those two forms and your order selections email. When we receive them we will process your order request and ship you your order. 

Note: You will be denied a line of credit dollar amount if we do not receive the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit Form* and the *Job Information Form* along with your submitted items choices.


Your Invoice

Your invoice included with your order will show your first issued line of credit dollar amount and how much you used for your first order, your monthly payment amount, your payment due date that you chose, as well as the dollar amount you have left for a future order. After paying off your first order balance. You are in good standing with us and can use this financing option again with no additional submission of a *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* or a *Job Information* form, as we will have your information on file from your first order. Should you change your place of employment and or your home address you will have to re-sumit those forms with your new order. We will check those forms information to verify the new changes before processing your new order.

When you want to order more items. Submit another order using the three steps shown above.


 Viewing Our Pages

When you click on any page and the page is too small to read the information about the item or it's too big to see.

Click on the 3 vertical dots or the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen to use the zoom in / zoom out tool.


*Pay 4 Your Personalized Choice*

Click on the Gold Choice pages to see our selection of gold jewelry that can be personalized. You can find the personalized jewelry selections on the Gold Choice 4 tab, pages 180 - 186. Page 184 is not shown. There are some pendant items that can be engraved shown under the pendant pages.


Under The Gold Choice Page 183 

Findings Are Not Available


How To Order Name Plates, Pendants, Earrings, Rings & Bracelets Pages

Page 185 - 186

1. Choose The Item You Want Personalized. Example: CU100

2. Choose The Option of Plating or Engraving.

3. Choose Your Name or Initials.

4. Choose Your Font Style.

5. Choose A Bail or Jump Ring (the piece that the pendant chain goes through).

6. Give Any Special Instructions (Capitalization, Line Break, Punctuation.

7. Send us the item number of the item(s) you want to have personalized by putting that information in the Contact Us comments box.

When finished click the submit button at the bottom of the page. We will reply using your email with the total price in 3 to 4 business days. Email us back when you get our reply email, with a YES if you want us to place your order. When we get your YES, we will place your selection(s) under the *Pay 4 Your Personalized Choice* tab.

It takes 2 to 3 days to post your items under that tab. Come back after the third day of sending us your Yes answer email, click on the *Pay 4 Your Personalized Choice* tab, find your name & membership number, add the item or items to your shopping cart and check out. You have just paid for your personalized item(s) to be made.

This is very important, when you have paid for the item(s) you are having specially made to your specifications by checking out. That item(s) cannot be cancelled, or returned and no payment reimbursed will be done/issued, No Exceptions.

The total price will be based on the items total number of steps done to get your item(s) personalized to your specifications.

All Personalized and Engravable items takes 3 to 4 weeks to be made. Then it is shipped to us. You can only have one to three items personalized or engraved at a time due to the amount of time it takes to personalize those items.  As soon as we get them, we will email you with a time frame that you can expect to receive your item(s). So look out for our reply email.


To see our complete selection of gold jewelry.

Click on the Gold Choice tabs. 1 - 6

There are over 10,000 items to choose from.

Note: All gold items shown on our website for ordering or Personalizing are always subject to in-stock availability. We will email you if your selection(s) choice(s) are temporarily out of stock.

So, when viewing our gold jewelry pages. Pick at least 4 choices from the category you are interested in.

For Example: A Ring - RG2546, RG2847, RG41, RG1220. Include the size you need if not our standard ring size of 7 for ladies or our standard ring size of 10 for men, we will include the added price for sizing up or down based on the size you need when we reply.

We ask you to do this in case one or more of the items you like/want is temporarily out of stock.


Using Monthly Financing For Gold Jewelry & Layaway

You can only finance or layaway 2 items per individual order. Each order must be paid in full before placing another order.

Send us the item number(s) and the ring sizes if ordering a ring(s) using our Contact Us tab. 

We will email you back using your email with the total price, the number of monthly payments and the payment date you put in the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit Form*. When you add the item(s) to your shopping cart and check out you have made the required down payment to get your order processed.

You must submit a *Financing Layaway Line of Credit Form* and a *Job Information Form*. Both are under the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* tab. 

1. Click on the *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* tab, then the Email Form 3, fill it out and submit it.

2. Click on the *Job Information Form*, fill it out and submit it. We will verify your job information before approving your request. If the information checks out. We will email you with an ok.

3. Once you get the reply email. Email us back with a YES that you want the item financed or layed away and we will post your item choice under the *Click For Financing* or the *Click for Layaway* tab under your name & membership #. It takes 3 days to post it after we get your Yes email. after the three days have passed. Come back to our website and click on the *Click for Financing* tab or the *Click for Layaway Tab*, find your name & membership number, add the item(s) to your shopping cart and check out. If you have multiple items be sure to check all pages for your items(s).


If you want to pay off your layaway item faster than the months we email you. You can do so. Just type in the amount that you want to pay. Example: If your payment is $20.00 a month but you want to pay $40.00 for that monthís payment you can do that.


Good Credit Standing

After paying off your first order balance. You are in good standing with us and can use the 3 financing option again with no additional submission of a *Financing Layaway Line of Credit* form or a *Job Information Form* as we will have your information on file from your first order. You will however have to submit those forms again if you change your place of employment and or home address. We will re-check each time you place a new order to make sure the information is the same


If you want to Cash order an item.

(Using your credit or debit card)

Send us the item number and ring size if applicable, by using our Contact Us tab.

We will email you back with all the information on your choice(s) using your email with the total price(s). Reply with a YES and we will put your item selection(s) under the *Click for Cash Ordering* tab within 2 to 3 business days after we receive your YES reply email. After the three days is up. Come back to our website click on the *Click for Cash Ordering* tab find your name & membership # and place your order. So, look out for our reply email.

When ordering multiple items. There will be multiple items shown for you under your name & membership number. So, remember to check all the pages for your name & membership number. There can be other members, names & membership numbers on those pages.


Paid Order Removal

When using any one of the ordering options we offer. When you have come back to our website and have placed your order by checking out. Your name & membership number and the item(s) you ordered or had personalized will be removed from that catagory until you place your next order.



Using our *Make Your Payment* tab.

You can make your payment each month using this tab. Simply click on it and follow the easy instructions. No Credit or Debit card information need be entered to use this service.


Some Very Important Information Listed Below.

Please Read All of It.

Order Delivery In 3 to 10 working days depending on where you live.


Jewelry Piece Size

Jewelry piece sizes are determined by the number of grams per piece or pieces and how they are made (shaped). Even low gram pieces can have different sizes from small too long, again based on the number of grams and how they are made (shaped).

We tell you rough size measurements in height x width for sliders, pendants, hanging pendants and personalized & engravable items and by millimeters for earrings so there is no misunderstanding the size of your jewelry selection should you try to base its size on the pictures you see on the jewelry choice pages shown on our website. Also bear in mind the amount of grams of gold used determines how big or round your selection will be. Millimeter determines width.

While the picture may make it look large on the page you are viewing. It can be small because of the total grams used to make it.


Necklaces, Bangles, Omega & Bracelets

Some of the necklaces we sell are measured by length only 7", 16", 18", etc. 

Some of the necklaces we sell are measured by mm & length, (4mm/16", 6mm/20", etc.).

Bracelets we sell are measured by both methods. Millimeters round & inches and others just inches.


Ring Size Fullness

Ring size fullness is solely based on the total amount of grams of gold used to make the piece. The lower the grams, the smaller the ring and less full. As the gram amounts go up the bigger and fuller the ring becomes.


Rings Sizing

When you need a larger or smaller ring size other than our standard size of 7 for ladies and our standard size of 10 for men. Let us know in a contact us email. Fill out the form and put the item number and the size you want for each ring if more than one in the comments box. Make sure you give us the correct ring size because if it is wrong after we have it or them sized. You will be responsible for making it or them your correct size or sizes.  We will include the ring sizing price along with the price of the item you want in a return email. We will put your choice or choices in either one of the three options we offer listed under the gold jewelry tab after we get your ok to post your choice(s).


About Gold Prices

Gold is expensive, as is gold jewelry with diamonds. All the jewelry pictured/shown with stones in them on our website are CZ's. Because they are CZ's that allows our members to have stunning looking gold pieces at a fraction of the cost. They have the sparkle you want and the bigger stone you will love.


Diamonds Verses CZ's

Diamonds are 100% and CZs are 89% on the gem stone hardness scale. So, there is little compromise on stone quality. Your cz stones have clear clarity verses most mined diamonds. A 100% clear diamond is very expensive. Lab created diamonds are clear but when you have either mined or lab created diamonds in your jewelry selection that makes a huge difference in the price you must pay for them.


Diamond Stone Size

The size of a diamond is determined by points. The are 100 points in a one (1) carat stone. For example: A 1/4 carat solitaire stone piece is 25 points. If your jewelry piece has a carat weight total (cwt.) of 1/4 carat and it is a single stone, the stone will be small. It is not a stand out stone size. If your selection is two pieces, a band & a solitaire ring and that 25-point diamond stone is then divided, (cut) and placed through out to fit both pieces. You get real tiny stones over both pieces! If it is a single piece and the stone is cut and spread out over the single ring setting, again, small stones.


Donations Payment Mailing Dates

Your donation percentage is paid to your organazation (3) three times a year for any given year.

1st mailing / 10th of May. 

2nd mailing / 10th of September.

3rd mailing / 10th of January the next year.


Donation Percentages

1. 7% of each personís cash ordered subtotal amount. (Credit & Debit Card)

2. 10% of each personís monthly financed gold jewelry item payments.

3. 10% of each personís monthly layaway payment on gold jewelry orders.

4. 10% of each personís Line of Credit monthly payments.

5. 5% of each persons Personalized jewelry order subtotal amount.

NOTE: No donation percentages are paid for Manager's Pick Ordered items.

All the above percentages apply to your church when your member orders from us and submits your church information to us. They must submit your church/organazation information to us on their first order using the *Donation Submissions Form*. After that we will have their member number along with your church/organazations information on file. So, all their future orders donation percentages will be credited to your church/organazation automatically.


Thanks to everyone that orders from us and may God bless you all.


Delightful Scents

We reserve the right to adjust any wrong price or prices and any wrong worded information that are posted on our website or given to ordering members due to human error.

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